ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Letter from President of the Management Board

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This report summarizes the ENEA Group’s performance in the environmental, social and corporate governance areas in 2021

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Dear Stakeholders,

You are welcome to read the ESG Report of the ENEA Group for 2021.

It contains information on the policies we have been pursuing and the results we have achieved in the three key areas of our responsibility: environment, society and governance. The report presents sustainability activities undertaken by the Group and its companies and explains how the concept of sustainability organizes our thinking about the various areas of operation of our company. 

The most important event in the year described in the report was without a doubt the completion of work on our new strategy and its adoption.

The ENEA Group Development Strategy until 2030 with an outlook to 2040 does not only confirm our commitment to the natural environment and the society, but also extends it considerably. The task that we set for ourselves is the “ENEA’s Green Change”, which is a sustainable transformation of the Group that will enable its value growth and achievement of climate neutrality by 2050. For this purpose, we will continue to increase the installed capacity of renewable energy sources. We are also planning to spin off conventional coal-fired power generating assets from the Group and transfer them to the National Energy Security Agency. The Strategy also assumes that new business lines will be developed, including energy storage facilities, which will be critical for ensuring stability of RES and for solidifying Poland’s energy security. Additionally, we will get more involved in the utilization of combustion by-products from the industrial sector, in line with the idea of a circular economy and we will expand our current offer for prosumers. 

The process of designing strategic changes in the Group’s operations in the ESG area was accompanied by practical ongoing activities, which are discussed in further chapters of this study: investments in environmental protection, performance of research and development work, pursuit of social engagement projects, implementation of new internal regulations. Our efforts were fruitful, which was confirmed by POLITYKA’s Silver CSR Leaf, which was awarded to us this year. On the other hand, the excellent financial performance, including a 10.1% EBITDA increase y/y from PLN 3.3 billion to PLN 3.6 billion, validates our firm belief that, even in difficult times, a strong emphasis on the non-business dimension of business supports rather than hinders the achievement of business goals. 

I would like to invite you to read this year’s report and thank you in advance for any comments you may have on its content and format. We want to improve the environmental and social aspects of our operations and the governance in the ENEA Group, but also the ways, in which we are communicating with our stakeholders. 

Kind regards,
Paweł Majewski
President of the Management Board of ENEA S.A. 

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