ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Customer relations

The quality and availability of our services are vital for the comfort of life and work of millions of Poles; therefore we adjust our actions to their needs and expectations every year.

All the time, we continue to extend the offering and raise the service standards, develop activities for reliability of energy supplies, analyze the level of customers’ satisfaction and care for security of their data.

Our offer

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  • Internal indicator 13

We offer to individual customers both electricity and packages including additional services and products such as assistance of professionals in removing failures at home or innovative devices for smart home management. On the other hand, corporate customers may take advantage of services supporting their businesses, e.g. consulting on optimizing electricity consumption. 

Selected products for households

  • Enea Smart – electricity as part of the package of solutions which will allow for more effective use of electricity and protection of the home against fire, flooding or burglary 
  • ENERGIA+ Fachowiec [Repairman] – electricity with the small household repairs service (electrician, heating and gas equipment repairman, plumber, glazier, household appliance repairman; the range of services depends on the choice of one of the three options), 
  • Fachowiec [Repairman] – the small household repairs service not linked to an electricity sales agreement 
  • Mądra Energia [Smart Energy] – consulting, audit and sale of storage heaters or heat pumps, or a discount on the purchase of air purifiers, or help in analyzing the needs and technical options, audit and installation of photovoltaic panels, along with support with connection to the grid and obtaining government grants and the modernization tax relief 
  • Enea Eco – offering of lower rates for electricity used at night provided it is used for the purpose of ecological heating of the home or charging an electric car, 
  • ENERGIA+ Office 365 – electricity together with an annual subscription of Microsoft 365 Family pack and a two-year access to a training platform devoted to using the software, 
  • Office 365 – subscription of the Microsoft 365 Family or Personal package for 12 months and access to a training platform for 12 months, not linked to an electricity sales agreement 
  • Photovoltaics for Large Families – special discount for holders of Large Family Card for purchasing photovoltaic installation from our partner,

Selected products for companies

  • ENERGA + Constant price – guarantee of unchanged electricity prices during the term of the agreement 
  • ENERGIA+ Professional – electricity as part of a package with consulting services making it possible to optimize its consumption 
  • Enea Smart Business – electricity as part of the package of solutions which will allow for more effective use of electricity and protection of the company against fire, flooding or burglary 
  • ENERGIA + Fachowiec PRO [Repairman PRO] – electricity at a price guaranteed for 36 months with the service of small household repairs 
  • Fachowiec PRO [Repairman PRO] – the small household repairs service not linked to an electricity sales agreement 
  • ENERGIA+ Office 365 – electricity together with an annual subscription of Microsoft 365 Business Premium pack and a two-year access to a training platform
  • Office 365 – subscription of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package for 12 months and access to a training platform for 12 months, not linked to an electricity sales agreement 
  • Stała cena GAZ [Sure GAS Price] – a package including, apart from electricity, also gas at a price guaranteed until the end of 2022. 
  • ENEA OPTIMA – a monthly flat-fee subscription for software, which, through remote transmission of metering data, offers a 24/7 control over and optimization of costs from any online device; in 2021, we extended the functionality of the OPTIMA system by adding the reading of parameters for electricity generated in RES installations and the capacity fee, providing customers with an effective tool to monitor and manage the company’s daily power load curve 
  • ENERGIA+ Trend – electricity at prices based on the quotations on the Polish Power Exchange (Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A.), with the possibility of deciding freely about when the purchase is made

New in 2021: 

  • ENERGIA+ Spot – a product in which the customer may affect energy prices not only based on the Day-Ahead Market quotations, but also based on the Property Rights Market quotations; the Customer also receives a guarantee of safe choice – when POLPX prices increase suddenly, the customer may switch to fix price settlements (based on the Forward Power Products Market on POLPX) in a selected period 

Our customers have the possibility of registering in the Shopping Zone loyalty program to obtain attractive discounts from our partners. The detailed offering can be found at 

Responsible sales

We apply the Best Practices of Electricity and Gaseous Fuel Suppliers of the Energy Trading Association, as well as our: Enea S.A. Sales Standards for Business Clients, Code of Best Practices for the processing of personal data in the sales area and the Sustainable Direct Marketing Policy at ENEA S.A., due to which our customers have the guarantee of fair treatment and respecting their rights. We carefully comply with the terms and conditions of agreements signed with them. We analyze in detail complaints and other reports of recipients of our services and based in the analysis, we modify processes and educate employees.

  • 103-1
  • 103-2
  • 103-3

ENEA Operator implements the unbundling guidelines of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office for separating distribution and sales activities, inter alia by taking the following measures: 

  • It does not promote or recommend any companies involved in the generation or sale of electricity to third parties; it does not display promotional or advertising materials of energy companies while performing processes related to customer service.  
  • It has its own visual identity. 
  • It uses separate communication channels (website, e-mail address domain, telephone numbers).
  • 417-3

On 18 October 2021, the UOKiK President launched ex officio administrative proceedings to determine whether the actions of ENEA S.A. relating to offers for consumers with a fixed electricity price guarantee constitute practices infringing on collective interests of consumers referred to in Article 24.1 and 24.2.3 of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act of 16 February 2007, in respect to: 

  1. ENEA S.A. using provisions in its contract forms that may be deemed unlawful,
  2.  omission of material information in marketing information.

The Company responded to both letters from the UOKiK President of 18 October 2021.

  • 206-1

In 2021, there were no pending lawsuits against ENEA Group companies relating to anti-competitive conduct and violations of anti-monopoly regulations. 

Continuity of electricity supply

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  • 103-2
  • 103-3
  • Internal indicator 13

One of our strategic objectives is action for energy security of the country: to ensure continuity of electricity and heat supply and reliable operation of the distribution network.

In order to ensure reliability of energy supply to Clients:

  • we introduce state-of-the-art technical standards, 
  • we operate strictly in accordance with procedures, 
  • we maintain the required state of the infrastructure, 
  • we perform preventive diagnostic measurements,
  • we invest in the development of production assets,
  • we modernize and automate the power grids,
  • we continue to improve all the time the qualifications of our team, 
  • we appropriately plan shutdowns during modernization works, 
  • we analyze the causes of breakdowns. 
  1. The Business Continuity Plan, on which emergency procedures are based 
  2. Procedure for planning and requesting work on the HV, MV and LV network for investing and operating purposes and for operational management of the network in ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. 
  3. Procedure for live-line working with power devices in ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. 
  4. Procedure for live-line working on 15 and 20 KV overhead grids in ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o. 
  5. Procedure for recording work performed in the live-line working technology and calculating electricity supplied to users during live-line working in ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. 
  6. Procedure of exchanging information and reporting events in the electric power grid by the ENEA Operator sp. z o.o.’s maintenance services and cooperation with crisis management teams in case of extensive failures 
  7. Procedure for managing the removal of trees and bushes within the zones under ENEA Operator sp. z o.o.’s power lines 
  8. Catalog of standard operating activities for HV, MV and LV grids in ENEA Operator sp. z o.o. 
  9. Procedure for eliminating collisions  
  10. detailed regulations on correct operation of power installations 
  11. Standards for the application of measurement and diagnostic equipment for medium voltage cable lines as well as measurement and diagnostics of high and medium voltage cable lines 
  12. standards for technical solutions used for building power lines and power installations 

As part of the measures applied to improve the reliability of grid operation, especially of the MV grid, which has the greatest influence on the indicators of duration and frequency of interruptions in electricity supply, the following program and supporting activities are carried out, among others:

  • adjusting the needs of own substations to ensure 24-hour power backup, 
  • adjustment of automation of AFO (automatic load-shedding), 
  • implementation of the MV Grid Development Concept, which takes into account development of automated solutions within the grid, 
  • cables of MV grids passing through forest areas, 
  • removal of equipment constraints, 
  • implementation of the FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration) function in selected MV line sections, 
  • liquidation of the 6 kV grid in the Poznań urban area, 
  • activities in respect to measurements and diagnostics of medium voltage cable lines, 
  • systemic measures related to the removal of trees and bushes within the zones under power lines. 

ENEA Operator makes all efforts to limit the consequences of failures and restore power supply to customers as quickly as possible. For this purpose, if technically feasible, it supplies energy to a separate electric power grid using electricity generators and cooperates with other distribution systems and transmission system operators. In order to limit interruptions in power supply to users to the minimum, the company also regularly increases the scope of work performed in the live-line working technology (MV and LV) and carries out preventive diagnostic measurements. The work on locating damage in the grid, making the necessary switching and repairs to restore power supply to the consumers is undertaken immediately after the failure occurs, by ENEA Operator employees or by external contractors. For each failure, a cause analysis is conducted as an element of the assessment of the technical condition and forms the basis for devising the scope of an upgrade/replacement of devices under the modernization and capital expenditure programs implemented by the company or its operating decisions.  

The safety of electricity supply to customers is also significantly improved by introducing standards for any materials used and works performed on the company’s distribution network. The use of standardized network equipment enables a faster removal of failures. During the process aimed at developing such standards, each solution is subjected to an in-depth analysis and technological tests. All standards are then subjected to annual analyses enabling their detailed formulation and updating in a manner that makes the requirements and guidelines contained therein reflect the changing needs of the power grid operation. Additionally, every year tests of the correctness and speed of response to a mass failure are conducted in selected business units of the company. 

We conduct a campaign to increase awareness of construction companies regarding the correct course of action when cables are damaged. As a result, they have been reporting such events much more frequently, identifying the exact location. This allows us to reach the place of damage and repair it faster.

Jarosław Ziobrowski

Director of the Grid Assets Management Department at ENEA Operator sp. z o.o.

In 2021, ENEA Operator continued its efforts aimed at improving the operational reliability of the distribution grid. To this end, it primarily carried out planned diagnostics of MV cable lines and ongoing modernization of power facilities and equipment in line with the existing modernization programs. It also maintained the regular strengthening of the support infrastructure for distribution activities, i.e. purchase of specialist equipment (including vehicles) and construction and modernization of support facilities. 

Overall, in 2021 the company allocated more than PLN 1 billion for investments that directly or indirectly increased the reliability of electricity supply. 

  • Internal indicator 33

More than PLN 1 billion* – allocated by ENEA Operator in 2021 for investments that directly or indirectly increased the reliability of electricity supply.

*Total amount of ENEA Operator’s capital expenditures in 2021. The investment projects resulted not only in improved reliability of electricity supply, but also, among other things, a change of the grid structure to bidirectional.

Grid reliability indicators

The pace of improvement of the electricity supply reliability indicators is a result of a consistent implementation of extensive efforts in the areas of capital expenditures, operation and work organization. 

*Set in the updated Group Development Strategy
**Reflects scheduled and unscheduled interruptions in electricity supply for high and medium voltages.

*Set in the updated Group Development Strategy
**Reflects scheduled and unscheduled interruptions in electricity supply for high and medium voltages.

Service quality

High quality of services for our customers is guaranteed by detailed internal regulations. These include: 

  • Standards of Customer Service in Customer Service Offices, 
  • Standard of Telephone Service in the Distribution Contact Center, 
  • Book of Complaint Process and Key Quality Guidelines for employees of Post-sale Service Divisions.

The direction of further standard raising in the above regard are defined by the Strategy of the Customer Service Area for 2020-2024 performed by ENEA Centrum.

Customer data security

  • 103-1
  • 103-2
  • 103-3
  • Internal indicator 10
  • G-S1

We respect the privacy of our customers and protect the security of stored data, guided by the applicable laws and internal procedures in this area. In the area of personal data security, the Group relies on ENEA Centrum, which ensures comprehensive support for the IT processes, among others it verifies updates security tools and systems. 

ENEA Group companies comply with the requirements of the GDPR and the Act on the National Cybersecurity System. The organization has deployed advanced IT solutions enabling quick and efficient responding to cybersecurity incidents and counteracting risks in this area, with particular emphasis on the newest threats resulting from the need to adapt the security of systems to operation in a pandemic period ((among others, orientation cybersecurity training, which includes the principles of safe remote work; each employee was additionally provided with company computer equipment with tools necessary for safe work). Furthermore, pursuant to the GDPR requirements, Data Protection Officers have been appointed in Group companies. They monitor compliance with personal data protection regulations and are contact persons for any matters in that area, also for customers. 

The following internal regulations ensure the correct protection of Customer data: 

  • ENEA Group Information Security Policy, 
  • Personal Data Protection Policy in the ENEA Group, 
  • ICT Security Principles in the ENEA Group, 
  • Information Processing Principles in the ENEA Group, 
  • Personal Data Processing Principles in the ENEA Group, 
  • Risk Management Methodology for Cybersecurity of Key Services in the ENEA Group, 
  • Personal Data Processing Risk Methodology in the ENEA Group. 

The Group has also developed: 

  • The Code of Best Practices for the processing of personal data in the sales area – it is a set of practical rules pertaining to direct marketing, personal data processing and the fulfillment of obligations under the GDPR, the Telecommunications Law and the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services. It was created in collaboration with the Inspector for Personal Data Protection and is applicable to all sellers. 
  • The Sustainable Direct Marketing Policy at ENEA S.A. is a form of a public declaration regarding its compliance with the laws governing the protection of personal data and the privacy of customers. It provides for the exercise of due diligence on the part of ENEA S.A. in its marketing activities targeted at customers. 

Additionally, Group companies adopt their own regulations, an example of which is the Information Security Policy for ICT Systems at Lubelski WęgielBogdanka” S.A. 


Total number of breaches eligible for reporting to the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority pursuant to Article 33 GDPR

Both employees and external entities cooperating with the Group companies sign non-disclosure agreements (or confidentiality clauses) and personal data processing agreements. Employees’ access to customers’ personal data is limited to a necessary extent resulting from the discharged functions; physical access to rooms where documents with personal data are stored is also restricted. Documents which include personal data sent by electronic mail are password-protected and in the case of traditional mail, they are sent by registered letter with receipt confirmation. IT systems processing personal data operate only in internal networks such as intranet (without access to the Internet) and have necessary safeguards to protect the data. 

Security of IT systems is subject to regular internal and external audits, which also cover identification and mitigation of risk connected with keeping the data confidential. In the companies, training courses are conducted on personal data protection and information security – for employees, trainees and people cooperating with the companies based on civil law agreements. 

ENEA Group carried out an effective transformation in terms of changing the mode of work, which was forced by the epidemic threat (SARS-CoV-2). Multi-factor authentication has been implemented, and the possibility of electronic signing of internal documents using your own certification authority has been introduced. ENEA Capital Group constantly monitors good practices in the field of cybersecurity and proactively implements new security measures.

Jacek Kij

Director of the Group Safety Department

  • 418-1

In the reporting period, no financial or non-financial sanctions were imposed on Group companies in connection with breaching protection of customers’ personal data. At the beginning of 2021, the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority (PUODO) issued a decision to impose a penalty of approx. PLN 136 thousand on ENEA S.A. in connection with suspicion of an incident where personal data protection was violated. The company filed an appeal against the decision to the court, in compliance with law. By the publication date of this Report, the case has not been formally resolved and the penalty has not been paid. 

Incidents of customer privacy breaches 2021
Total number of breaches not eligible for reporting to the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority* 274
Total number of breaches eligible** for reporting to the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority pursuant to Article 33 GDPR  3
Total number of identified customer privacy breaches  277
*Lower level breaches that, due to their scope or mitigating measures taken by the company, are not eligible for reporting to the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority.
**Breaches that are more than unlikely to result in a risk to the rights or freedoms of natural persons.
  • Internal indicator 10

Selected activities in 2021 

An internal audit of personal data protection was conducted in individual organizational units of ENEA S.A. in order to examine whether the processing of personal data in the company conforms to the rules set forth in GDPR. 

In ENEA Ciepło, an audit was conducted to verify compliance of the process of contracting with heat consumers with the EU Data Protection Regulation; the resulting plan of corrective action has already been implemented. 

ENEA Serwis conducted a refresher e-learning training on personal data protection for all employees that have access to domain. It also carried out a remote audit of compliance with data processing agreements with processors included on the company’s list of qualified contractors. 

ENEA Bioenergia and ENEA Połaniec Serwis implemented two new instructions: one regulating the issuance and update of personal data processing authorizations and one focusing on the reporting and handling of data protection breaches. 

Communication and satisfaction surveys

Customers may contact us, among others, via: 

  • Customer Service Offices and Sales Offices, 
  • our commercial partners and account managers, 
  •  eBOK, 
  • chat with a consultant, 

We continue to modernize the technical facilities for our hotline and adjust it to our customers’ expectations and changes to the business environment. 

  • Internal indicator 11

Some of the events in 2021 included:

  • a pilot launch of the first Mobile Customer Service Office, which is to reach smaller towns that have no stationary Customer Service Office in order to facilitate personal contact for the customers who prefer such communication channel. During the pilot, mBOK visited 5 towns: Gostyń, Wągrowiec, Środa Wielkopolska, Śrem and Rawicz; 
  • launch of the first Showroom at the Malta Shopping Center in Poznań. This is a sales outlet equipped with a modern Digital Signage system, in which clients, in addition to standard customer services, may learn about the Group’s entire offer. In the Eco Zone, they can find out about the benefits offered by photovoltaics and how a charging station works and in the Shopping Zone they can easily access our Internet store; 
  • implementation of the SMS dispatch tool through the Contact Center Platform (collection and sales text messages) in order to improve the dispatch of notices to clients; 
  • modification of WWW contact forms and improvement of the handling of notifications sent through those forms (priorities, improved case search); 
  • adding new functionalities to the self-service IVR – adding information on microinstallations, contracting procedure; 
  • establishment of a competence center for servicing prosumers in order to increase efficiency of service; 
  • introduction of an additional functionality facilitating payments within eBOK, i.e. a deferred payment option for paying an invoice (Payka) through the Blue Media operator; 
  • implementation of an option to open an account in eBOK and activate e-invoices in Customer Service Offices and in Post-Sale Service Divisions; 
  • launch of the Virtual Advisor initiative, in which instructional videos with information on key customer service issues are prepared and posted on and on social media. 
  • Internal indicator 12

To continuously improve the quality of our services, we survey customer satisfaction with services provided by Customer Service Offices and the Contact Center.

17% of customers contacting the company by phone on a given day and all customers visiting a Customer Service Office32 receive an automatic survey request by telephone to evaluate their satisfaction with how the case was handled and how engaged the consultant was. Satisfaction index is the number of persons satisfied from the service compared to all the customers who filled out all the survey correctly. The surveys are usually carried out continuously and their results are aggregated on a monthly basis.

*By 31 March 2021, only to those customers, whose visit was registered in the system. 

In 2021, we conducted another edition of the customer satisfaction survey (CSI).

The following entities also carried out satisfaction surveys among their customers: 

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” – via direct telephone interview with representatives of clients (i.e. authorized coal sellers) based on a questionnaire. The survey confirmed that clients are satisfied with the customer service level and with how the sales are transacted. 

ENEA Pomiary – a questionnaire survey measuring the level of satisfaction of ENEA Operator’s coordinators with their cooperation with ENEA Pomiary, which showed that it is generally assessed as positive. 

ENEA Oświetlenie – telephone customer satisfaction survey for 2020. Customer satisfaction was surveyed primarily for the company’s main product, i.e. operation of lighting. The customer satisfaction level in this respect was 81.7%.


Customers satisfied with the service of consultants in 2021


Customers satisfied with our offer and cooperation

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