ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Environmental impact of the ENEA Group

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ENEA Group does not have an environmental impact that is greater than the average use of resources shared with local communities, or an impact on shared resources.

All environmental impacts of the Group are monitored and minimized by the units responsible for environmental protection within companies. They are mitigated also through Circular Economy activities promoting optimization of resource consumption. However, even though all legal requirements are met and due diligence exercised, it is still impossible to completely eliminate the impacts of mining and generation activities on the environment. Where necessary, remediation actions are taken or compensations are paid out. The organization also runs a number of diverse social projects targeted at local communities. 

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ENEA Group’s operations may expose local communities among other things to the following:

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In the event of a severe failure of power plants in Połaniec or Kozienice, there is a risk of a negative effect on the local community because of the hazardous substances used in these plants. The mitigating measures reducing the probability of failure include mainly: maintenance of the technical infrastructure in good condition and adherence to procedures.

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