ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Our business model

We supply a comprehensive range of energy products and services to over 2.6 million individual and institutional customers across Poland.

  • 102-6

As a vice-leader of the electricity production segment, we contribute materially to the strength of Poland’s energy security and development of the economy. We conduct our business in four core areas, tapping into the coordinated collaboration of specialized companies, which are autonomous undertakings in the civil law sense. These areas are as follows:  

17.5 k


PLN 21.2 bn

of revenue

PLN 3.6 bn

of profit (EBITDA)

EBITDA contribution in 2021: PLN 798 million 

  • Production of bituminous coal 
  • Sales of bituminous coal 
  • Securing the Group’s raw material base

EBITDA contribution in 2021: PLN 1602 million 

  • Electricity generation based on bituminous coal, biomass, gas, wind, water and biogas 
  • Heat generation 
  • Heat transmission and distribution 
  •  Electricity trading 

EBITDA contribution in 2021: PLN 1393 million 

  • Supply of electricity  
  • Planning and ensuring expansion of the distribution network, including by connecting new customers 
  • Operation, maintenance and repairs of the distribution grid 
  • Management of metering data 

Distribution of electricity 

Distribution of heat: 

EBITDA contribution in 2021: PLN -125 million

Retail trading: 

  • Retail trading in electricity and gaseous fuel 
  • Product and service offer adjusted to customers’ needs 
  • Comprehensive customer service 

Wholesale trading: 

  • Optimization of wholesale contracts portfolio for electricity and gaseous fuel 
  • Operations on product markets 
  • Ensuring access to wholesale markets 

Retail trading

Wholesale trading 

  • 102-4
mapaaktywaeneaObszarroboczy1 mapaaktywaeneaObszarroboczy1

Power plants: Kozienice, Połaniec

CHP plants Białystok,
MEC Piła, PEC Oborniki,
ENEA Ciepło Serwis, ENEA Ciepło

Biogas plant : Gorzesław, Liszkowo

21 hydro power

Wind farms : Bardy, Darżyno, Baczyna

LW „Bogdanka”

  • EW Trzebiatów II [0.315 MWe]
  • EW Trzebiatów I [0.2 MWe]
  • EW Rejowice [2 MWe]
  • EW Płoty [0.18 MWe]
  • EW Likowo [0.945 MWe]
  • EW Prusinowo [0.135 MWe]
  • EW Gucisz [0.132 MWe]
  • EW Międzylesie [0.2 MWe]
  • EW Kamienna [0.96 MWe]
  • EW Bledzew [0.932 MWe]
  • EW Podgaje [2.352 MWe]
  • EW Jastrowie [1,752 MWe]
  • EW Ptusza [1,32 MWe]
  • EW Dobrzyca [1,89 MWe]
  • EW Koszyce [1,28 MWe]
  • EW Oborniki [0,5 MWe]
  • EW Żur [7,04 MWe]
  • EW Gródek [3,888 MWe]
  • EW Koronowo [24,8 MWe]
  • EW Tryszczyn [4 MWe]
  • EW Smukała [4 MWe]
  • Own ratio 1
  • Own ratio 2
  • 102-7



share in the steam coal market in Poland

432 million tons

of mining potential in 4 mining concession areas

9.9 million tons

net energy production

Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka, a company controlled by the ENEA Group (holding a total of 66% of votes at the company’s General Meeting), is a leader on the domestic market of bituminous coal producers, standing out due to its financial performance, mining efficiency and plans to access new deposits. The buyers of the company’s products are for the most part entities operating in the power sector, including electricity generation companies of the ENEA Group.


6.3 GW

total installed capacity

443 MW

installed RES capacity

26.4 TWh

net energy production

Electricity is generated in the power plants in Kozienice (11 high-efficiency upgraded power units) and Połaniec (7 coal-fired units and the world’s largest biomass-fired unit), in the CHP plants in Białystok, Piła and Oborniki, in the wind farms in Bardy, Darżyno and Baczyna, and in 21 hydro power plants and biogas plants in Gorzesław and Liszków.


2.7 MW

users of distribution services

121.3 tys. km

distribution lines, including connections

20.3 TWh

electricity supplied

ENEA Operator distributes electricity and expands and maintains related grid infrastructure. The company is a Distribution System Operator and this entails specific statutory obligations related, among others, to the connection of new users, or expansion of the infrastructure in response to increased demand for power.


2.6 mln


24.5 TWh

sales of electricity and gaseous fuel to retail customers


Customer Service Offices, including one mobile

Retail sales of electricity and gaseous fuel are carried out by ENEA S.A. through Account Managers and trade partners across Poland and through ENEA Centrum on behalf of ENEA S.A., consisting of 31 modern Customer Service Offices (BOK), the Showroom, the mobile Customer Service Office (mBOK) and the Electronic Customer Service Center (eBOK). In total, ENEA S.A. provides products and services to over 2.6 million individual and institutional customers.

Creation of shareholder value

We are building our market position based on a collection of tangible and intangible benefits offered to its customers. The acquisition of customers and the maintenance of their satisfaction level are pursued, among others, by combining the Group’s products and services into attractive bundles and persistently striving to ensure failure-free supplies of energy. 

Both the model of increasing the Group’s shareholder value and the manner in which the Group creates value for its customers are derived directly from the mission and vision.

002_misviz-01 002_misviz-01

We have decided to pursue sustainable transformation, which will create value for the Group’s shareholders. ENEA will develop renewable energy sources. It will specialize in operating energy storage facilities as a technology of key significance for ensuring RES stability and solidifying energy security. 

Additional information on the creation of corporate value is included in the New lines of business.


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