ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Impact of climate change on the ENEA Group’s development strategy

The key development drivers will consist in switching from coal fired power generation to zero-emission renewable energy sources. This process will be determined not only by economic and technological factors but also to an equal extent by our pursuit of sustainability.

Marcin Pawlicki

Vice-President of the Management Board for Operational Matters at ENEA S.A.

We intend to consciously implement the latest solutions while also showing respect for the opinions of our stakeholders. A special role in the context of development of new generation assets will be played by local communities and rural areas. The pursuit of the strategy is not just a business opportunity for our company, but also a chance to respond to key challenges faced by various facets of society and the economy, such as agriculture, which is an area particularly susceptible to unscheduled interruptions in the supply of electricity and the low quality of air. These activities will stimulate the economic rebound and pave the way for the deployment of the principles of the circular economy, thereby enabling the achievement of the climate goals set forth in Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040.

When working on the new development strategy, we have not conducted a resilience analysis of the existing business model and strategy taking into account various climate-related scenarios.  

Key pillars of growth of the ENEA Group in the social and climate area: 

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