ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Contribution to the society

Our contribution to the lives of Poles significantly exceeds the services provided by us.

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We are a large employer, a significant payer of taxes and charges to the state budget and local budgets as well as the creator of technological innovations. Through the ENEA Foundation and employee volunteerism programs, we undertake initiatives responsible for important social problems. We provide financial support for Polish sport and national culture.

Significance of the ENEA Group for the economy

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Our contribution to the Polish economy is multi-dimensional:

we deliver electricity and heat and provide innovative services

we employ people

we generate jobs in the value chain

we pay taxes and charges

we expand regional and local infrastructure

we develop new technologies

we support education of future staff, especially engineers

Our contribution to the economy in 2021

PLN 986 million

taxes* paid in 2021

PLN 2.1 billion

spent this year on payroll and employee benefits

*Items from the consolidated statement of comprehensive income: Taxes and charges, Current tax.

Creating innovation

The ENEA Group Development Strategy until 2030 with an outlook to 2040 envisages the following initiatives focused on innovation:

  • development of energy storage projects and provision of services to third parties;
  • development of hybrid installations;
  • development of conventional power generation based on low-emissions sources;
  • development of a smart power grid;
  • development of electromobility;
  • digitization, automation and development of new technologies;
  • innovative services for customers;
  • contemporary communication with customers and modern cooperation models.

Ecosystem of innovation in the ENEA Group

  • The structure of our ecosystem of innovation is based on the ENEA Group Innovation Policy. ENEA Innowacje is a Group company that executes projects with high technological and business risk.
  • ENEA Innowacje adopted the Procedure for Evaluating Innovative Projects and a submission form posted on the company’s website may be used by innovators to propose their projects online.
  • Before launching projects, initiatives are selected and assessed, among others, from a technical and economic perspective.
  • Those involved in the management of the ecosystem of innovation are employees of the ENEA S.A. Strategy and Development Management Department, employees of ENEA Innowacje, research and development sections and innovation offices of the other companies, engineers, constructors and technologists.
  • Developing innovation, we cooperate, among others, with the government of the Republic of Poland (especially the Ministry of State Assets), its agencies (e.g. the Polish Development Fund), industry associations, higher education institutions and technical high schools, local self-government, accelerators, start-ups and inventors.

On 1 June 2021, KRS registered the merger of ENEA Innowacje sp. z o.o. and ENEA Badania i Rozwój sp. z o.o. aimed at optimizing innovative activity of the ENEA Group. In the same year, the Group Strategy and Development Management Department launched the pilot of the Procedure for assessing high-risk projects in the ENEA Group. Its results will form grounds for a decision on further proceeding/possible adoption by the ENEA S.A. Management Board. The pilot was carried out by ENEA Innowacje and its goal was to test that the procedure works correctly in the course of implementation of high-risk projects that are technological or business innovations, new businesses or venture capital equity investments. The Company has submitted amendment proposals for the regulation, in particular the amendments that require corporate approvals above certain financial thresholds. Currently ENEA Innowacje is working with the Investment Process Change Team to develop a separate path for obtaining approvals for the execution and financing of high-risk projects.

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  • 203-2

In 2021, we performed, among others, the following research and development programs that were potentially significant for the economy:

  • H2eBuffer – a scientific research project aimed at developing a system to store energy and stabilize the power grid, making use of green hydrogen produced in RES installations. The initiative is run by ENEA Operator, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and the University of Szczecin;
  • DRES2Market – a project designed to prepare a comprehensive and cost-efficient approach to facilitate the effective participation of distributed generation based on renewable energy in electricity markets and to enable the provision of balancing and storage services in accordance with market criteria. The initiative is conducted by ENEA Operator, the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw and international entities.
  • eNeuron greEN Energy hUbs for local integRated energy cOmmunities optimizatioN – this European program is aimed at developing innovative tools for optimizing the design and operation of local energy systems integrating dispersed energy resources and multiple energy carriers. The initiative is conducted by ENEA Operator, the Gdańsk Branc of the Institute of Power Engineering and international entities.

ENEA Operator was distinguished in the Energy and Industry category of the Innowatory “Wprost” competition for the project entitled “Innovative energy storage system services to improve quality and capacity”, which will enable a more efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” received the Innovation prize in the Mining Success of the Year competition organized by the Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which recognized the project entitled “Technical and organizational optimization of operation of longwall with a 7100 m strike.”

Significance of the ENEA Group for regional and local development

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Increasing connection capacity by us makes it possible for regions and local communities to develop, among others, facilitating the acquisition of investors by local governments. Expansion and modernization of electrical grids makes it possible to improve the spatial development of cities, towns, townships and regions, allows for connecting RES installations and develop energy clusters. We also exert influence on the life of local communities by creating jobs and paying taxes and charges to local government’s budgets. On the other hand, connecting new clients to our CHP plants improves the living conditions of local communities by improving the microclimate.

  • Internal indicator 29

We are cooperating with local vocational and technical schools, including schools preparing for work in power industry, in our endorsed schools program, as well as ensure practical education to students in cooperation with their universities (dual studies). We conduct paid traineeships and unpaid or paid apprenticeships for students under the “Get Installed at ENEA” program.

Within the framework of cooperation with endorsed schools, the company funds scholarships for the most talented students, co-finances equipment for classrooms and organizes trips and contests. The students are obliged to have mandatory apprenticeships in Group companies.

Industry schools with which the ENEA Group cooperates:

  • Power Engineering Technical School in Poznań
  • Technical School Complex – Vocational and Adult Education Center in Leszno
  • Electrical and Power Engineering Technical School in Bydgoszcz
  • Electrical School Complex in Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Electrician Vocational and Adult Education Center in Nowa Sól
  • Vocational Education Center in Chodzież
  • Secondary and Vocational School Complex in Sulęcin
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering School Complex in Szczecin
  • Vocational and Adult Education Center in Złotów
  • School Complex in Połaniec
  • School Complex No. 4 in Szczecin
  • Senior Secondary School Complex No. 2 in Gniezno
  • Electrical Engineering School Complex No. 2 in Poznań
  • School Complex No. 1 in Kozienice
  • Mining School Complex in Łęczna
  • School Complex in Ostrów Lubelski
  • Power Engineering and Transportation School Complex in Chełm
  • School Complex in Pionki

In 2021, in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, cooperation with the schools was limited. The company did not sign any patronage agreements, but it continued its activities to support the establishments in professional development and promotion of the electrical engineering profession. We also organized the “Power to Start” contest, in which 10 for students of the endorsed schools received scholarships.

Tertiary education institutions collaborating with the ENEA Group in the field of vocational training:

  • University of Lodz,
  • Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin,
  • University of Warsaw,
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences,
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology,
  • University of Technology and Humanities in Radom,
  • War Studies University,
  • Kielce University of Technology,
  • Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz,
  • AGH University of Science and Technology,
  • Military University of Technology,
  • Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw,
  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,
  • West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin,
  • Białystok University of Technology.

Due to the epidemic, apprenticeships and traineeships for students were suspended in some Group companies.

Social projects and employee volunteerism

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The ENEA Group pursues various initiatives in response to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, locally, regionally and nationally.

The key documents regulating the rules of the Group’s social involvement include:

  • Rules for handling applications for support in the community engagement area in the ENEA Group,
  • Rules for conducting public relations activities and social partnership activities in the ENEA Group,
  • Rules and Regulations of Employee Volunteerism in the ENEA Group,
  • Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. Social Engagement Policy (updated in 2022).

Social involvement is coordinated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Office, which is part of the Group’s PR and Communication Department. The ENEA Foundation, which is a public benefit organization, is the competence center for the Group’s social initiatives; it provides financial support for social objectives using donations received from Group companies.

Its goals and principles of operation are defined by:

  • The Charter of the ENEA Foundation,
  • Organizational Rules and Regulations of the ENEA Foundation,
  • Rules and Regulations on granting support by the ENEA Foundation.

The ENEA Foundation implements the ENEA Group’s corporate social responsibility policy by conducting activities that have lasting social effects. For this purpose, it organizes well thought-out and innovative projects in areas such as safety, education for children and youth, protection of the environment, assistance for the needy and sports, culture and art. In emergencies, such as epidemics or natural disasters, the Foundation provides direct support to the victims and to health care establishments. Apart from conducting its own activities, the ENEA Foundation supports socially beneficial initiatives pursued by other parties and supports current and former employees.

Another entity conducting active social involvement activities is the “Solidarni Górnicy” [Solidary Miners] Foundation established by Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” S.A. Its objective is to support financially employees of LWB Group companies and their families, victims of accidents, people suffering from illnesses or those in a difficult financial situation. The organization also supports talents, cultural, environmental and health promotion initiatives.

Group companies hold various charitable campaigns and educational projects in areas that include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle or the dissemination of knowledge about the nature. The Group’s employees are also involved in the life of local communities and the Group supports their activities undertaken, among others, in the form of employee volunteerism.

Social engagement of the ENEA Group in 2021

Due to the epidemic situation in 2021, ENEA Foundation donated funds mainly for health protection and promotion projects: post-COVID-19 rehabilitation, hospital retrofitting, psychological assistance following long-term isolation, and promotion of vaccination. In the reporting period, ENEA Foundation donated nearly PLN 1.9 million for combating COVID-19 and for rehabilitation after the disease.

Piotr Ludwiczak

Member of the Management Board of the ENEA Foundation

Another important area of support continued to be initiatives addressed to employees, such as health prevention programs and financing of grassroots activities by employee groups. The Foundation also supported, among others, integration and professional and social integration and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion, physical exercise and sports (including Paralympic and amateur sports), as well as historical and environmental education.

The “Solidary Miners” Foundation also focused on social problems caused by the epidemic: financing the purchase of necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment for people in a difficult life situation, and providing organizational, material and financial support to health care, educational and nursing institutions, for example in the purchase of medical equipment and medicines, or renovations.

nearly PLN 5 million

the total value of cash and in-kind donations made by the ENEA Group in 2021

  • Internal indicator 30

Cash and in-kind donations [PLN 000s] 2021
Total value of cash and in-kind donations made by the ENEA Group: 4986.2
of which funds transferred by Group companies to the ENEA Foundation 3956.6
of which funds transferred by Group companies to the “Solidary Miners” Foundation 251.5
of which funds transferred by Group companies directly to other entities 778.1

Selected social projects implemented by the ENEA Group in 2021

  • Internal indicator 31

This campaign encouraged selected local communities in the area of the Group’s activity to take care of physical fitness. Its participants recorded physical activity such as walking, running, sightseeing tours, Nordic walking, cycling, scooter riding. Five local governments, which recorded the largest numbers of kilometers, received two professional table tennis tables, which will be available to the public, and more than one hundred most active residents received individual prizes related to sports, including electric scooters and table tennis sets. Overall, more than 1600 people took part in the challenge, covering in total 429,173 kilometers.

The ENEA Foundation has become the partner of the 13th edition of the campaign entitled “Faces of depression. I don’t judge. I accept”. As part of the campaign, through financial support of the Foundation, free remote psychological assistance was provided to those who needed it in the area of operation of the ENEA Group, for nearly 100 days. The project also included prophylactic activities for employees, including a webinar on the treatment of depression, a meeting with a psychologist and stress management workshops attended by more than 230 Group employees.

ENEA S.A. teamed up with the Stanisław Lem Poland of the Future Institute to carry out educational activities on how to use the Internet safely and how to prevent cyberbullying, i.e. how to handle problems that have become increasingly common in the lives of teenagers and that intensified during the remote learning period.  During the #OgarnijHejt campaign, students, parents and teachers in 30 schools, which qualified for the program, participated in free workshops, learning how to use the Internet and the social media safely and responsibly.

A part of this campaign, a social initiative was carried out, which was aimed at minimizing adverse effects of the coronavirus epidemic on women, since according to research, it is them who suffer the consequences of the pandemic more acutely than men and in multiple dimensions. Due to the support of the ENEA Foundation and the organized collection, from 8 to 31 March 2021, women were able to take advantage of psychological care free of charge. The aid was used by 51 women and psychologists provided telephone support for 68 hours. The initiative was accompanied by a charity concert organized in cooperation with the Development Ladder Foundation.

A cytomammobus of the Holy Cross Cancer Center parked in front of the Połaniec Power Plant to offer its female employees cytology and mammography and all employees initial qualification for preventive head, neck and lung cancer screening. The examinations in the cytomammobus were taken by around 100 women.

Between January and August 2021, ENEA Centrum supported the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate by seconding a group of consultants from the Contact Center for the operation of the hotline dedicated to the COVID-19 epidemic and vaccination. The consultants were on duty from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., ready to manage the increased hotline traffic. The effects of the support included, among others, effective registration of more than 22 thousand people for vaccination.

ENEA S.A. cooperated with the Educational Project Society Foundationto execute a historical and educational project about the Greater Poland Uprising titled “From Greater Poland to Independent Poland. The youth speaks about 27 December 1918”. As part of the project, educational materials (for teachers and students respectively) and teaching aids necessary to conduct lessons on the uprising as well as a website dedicated to the campaign were developed.

Additionally, two historical and teaching conferences, a knowledge contest with awards and a large-format exhibition for schools were organized. ENEA Wytwarzanie, in turn, in cooperation with the Kozienice Association of Historical Reconstructions, conducted a local history knowledge contest among its employees.

For the second time, ENEA S.A. joined the partners of the nationwide contest for students called “Exempt from theory”. In 2021, the projects supported by the company as part of the Energy in Education cycle, attracted 315 participants, who implemented 33 projects, supporting 752 thousand beneficiaries. The projects included, among others, initiatives in the area of health prevention, educational activities relating to mental disorders and the fight against obesity and excess weight, or a project supporting the unemployed on the job market. The company’s representatives sat on the Jury and took part in meetings with students and last-year high-school students telling them about their work for the ENEA Group.

ENEA S.A. established cooperation with the United Nations Association – Poland (UNAP), an association which supports and popularizes the knowledge of the United Nations. As part of the partnership, the company will engage in actions for education in the area of global Sustainable Development Goals. One of them is the Sustainable Development Ambassador program, which was joined by the company as a strategic partner. As part of the project, high-school students prepare projects related to education and promotion of the Goals.

Volunteers taught preschoolers how to handle electricity safely, how to alert rescue service if necessary, etc. They also ran a preventive lesson in road safety.

ENEA Wytwarzanie and Stefan Czarniecki High School No. 1 in Kozienice executed a project for homeless pets, addressed to educational establishments, public agencies and work establishments from Kozienice county. It consisted in a pet food collection and educational actions promoting pet adoption and their proper treatment.

Projects for the natural environment are described in section entitled ENEA Group’s environmental activities in 2021.

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