ESG Report of the
ENEA Capital Group for 2021


Climate neutrality

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Roadmap to climate neutrality

While preparing an update of the development strategy and the business model, the following reduction of CO2 emission intensity was assumed, taking into account both the planned spin-off of selected bituminous coal based generation assets of the ENEA Group to NABE and the engagement of the Group in new RES installations and investments in combined cycle power units in Kozienice Power Plant: 

Estimated CO₂ emissions*

NABEen-01 NABEen-01

* Actual values were presented for 2020 and 2021 (CO₂ emissions directly linked to electricity production) and estimates starting from 2022. 

Unit CO₂ emission indicator [kg CO₂/MWh] arising from the ENEA Group’s development strategy:

enea_cel net zero 2050 enea_cel net zero 2050

Model of transfer of conventional assets to NABE 

The main assumption of the coal-fired asset spin-off program is to transfer coal-fired power plants to NABE, while at the same time retaining within the ENEA Group the district heating and co-generation units, which will be gradually replaced with gas-fired units that are suited to be supplied with zero-emission fuels in the future. A detailed executive concept of the Group reorganization will be prepared in the course of further work. 

Key development directions

The Strategy identifies 13 key development directions, which constituted a foundation used to define strategic objectives for the Group. 


005-01 005-01

Our strategy takes into account the objectives and findings stipulated in three sectoral arrangements, which were concluded in 2021 and are aimed to strengthen the national economic, environmental, technological, energy and social benefits from the development of the offshore wind power, hydrogen power and photovoltaic industries.

Key measures of achievement of development strategy objectives

The document contains the objectives that the Group is to achieve in the short- and long-time horizon (up to 2030 and 2040, respectively). 

006-01 006-01

* Counted in relation to 2020, excluding the Green Unit of Połaniec Power Plant and energy storage. 

** Counted excluding the bituminous coal fired generation capacities and the Green Unit of Połaniec Power Plant, due to the planned spin-off of coal fired generation assets from the ENEA Group’s structure.

New business lines

  • 203-2

According to the development strategy updated in December 2021, we intend to develop and implement new lines of business, not only based on own resources but also in cooperation with partners from other industries. Actions that will be taken will focus on developing new product and service bundles and on introducing them to the Group’s trade offer.

Anna Striżyk

Director of the Group Strategy and Development Management Department

A key new line of business will be energy storage facilities as a necessary technology for ensuring RES stability and solidifying energy security. Subsequent new lines of business will be related to management of components left after worn out RES installations and energy storage facilities. We also intend to become even more involved in management of combustion by-products coming from the industry, including in particular conventional power generation and district heating, both from the ongoing activity and from the existing landfill sites. The plans provide also for creation of a modern offering for prosumers, including cooperation with local governments and urban development NGOs, and participation in the creation and management of energy islands (energy clusters). 

infografki_enea_en-2-02 infografki_enea_en-2-02

Human capital management in the context of the ENEA Group transition

One of the key components of the ENEA Group’s transition will be preparation and implementation of an end-to-end human resource management program. The aim will be to manage the generation gap and the expertise gap as well as to create such conditions that are beneficial to the development of expertise in the whole organization and increase the employee engagement and alignment with its objectives. The program provides for both support of the development of the present employees by training and retraining and acquisition of new staff, in cooperation with secondary schools and universities. 

The whole process of the Group’s transition will be carried out in dialog with representatives of the employees, in consideration of interests of both parties. 

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